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Day of Victory Ministry (DOVM) is a Non-Profit Christian Ministry. It provides practical teaching and preaching to encourage, enlighten and challenge viewers of all ages and walks of life. The programming is designed to invite listeners to engage in an in-depth, thought provoking study of the Word of God. DOVM provides uplifting music from local, national, and international artists and feature a range of topics from prayer and faith to social and business etiquette. On occasions there are interviews with guests from community agencies, schools and local churches. It is often through their testimonies of triumph that fellow listeners gain courage, hope, and trust that they too can live victoriously through Christ.

DOVM shares faith-filled messages of the Unconditional Love of Christ Jesus to all people. Its purpose is to first, win the lost through their acceptance of Jesus Christ. Secondly, deliver a message to promote faith in God's Word. Thus, faith in the truth of God's Word helps one to grow, mature, persevere, and triumph over difficulties in spite of tough times. "...this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." 1 John 5:4

In June, 2003 DOVM premiered "HollaBack!," a program designed to impact the youth of Eastern North Carolina. This program was created after receiving the call from God to "reach this next generation of youth right where they are." Combining the unchanged message of the Gospel with the power of TV and multimedia, HollaBack! tackles tough issues facing young people by engaging them in topics such as: relationships, violence in schools and their personal faith. The purpose in sponsoring HollaBack! is to stand beside and support parents, grandparents and others interested in the fight to keep young people safe, motivated and in love with Jesus! With the proper guidance, tools and support: youth can make a positive impact on the world.


Linwood Hicks is the founder and executive producer of Day of Victory Ministries, Inc. and HollaBack! Youth Outreach in greater Greenville and Winterville, North Carolina.  DOVM's inception is as early as the late 90's when Linwood Hicks was engaged in radio broadcasts airing on two AM stations on Wednesday and Saturday airing from Kinston and Farmville, NC.

In January, 2000 Linwood was impressed by God to name the broadcast Day of Victory and share the message of God's Love and faith on television.

These television broadcasts expand coverage in Eastern North Carolina in the cities of Rocky Mount, Wilson, Tarboro, Nashville, New Bern and Goldsboro. Through the vehicle of Suddenlink Cable TV, DOVM and Holla Back! are aired into twelve or more counties. These programs may also be seen via the internet, live streaming and on trueGODtv.

Community Outreach –
Demonstrating the love of God

DOVM is a ministry that is concerned about the community and looks for ways to provide opportunities, assistance, mentoring, and expressions of God's love. Some of the programs and outreach activities DOVM supports are listed as follows:

  • support to school programs...focused on improving academics and reducing the dropout rate

  • outdoor / indoor assemblies in community neighborhoods, in malls designed to promote wholesome character building blocks in the youth...featuring speakers such as mayors, senators and others...local and out of state artist share uplifting music youth and students participants are provided free school supplies, clothing and footwear, music CD's, handouts and door prizes.  Senior high school students are mentored in senior projects in areas of video and graphics...youth share their many gifts and talents in singing, dance, step/stomp, rap, poetry, comedy, etc.

  • After school program on the campus of the Lucille W. Gorham Intergenerational Community Center (GICC) of Greenville...inner city youth are tutored / mentored in areas of media videography, photography and music

  • Town Common outdoor assembly for all, food, fellowship, games, music and good news messages about Christ's Love for all...these events support children and family success

  • church programs, conferences, seminars, bible studies, etc.

  • partner with agencies and food banks to distribute foods to those in need

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